LOTISHAN Blue Skirt Sample #001

פרח אחד נפתח העולם נקרע

made from cotton


Part of the capsule collection “You shall not sleep”, in collaboration with the artist Nitzan Mintz.

The project connects two creative entities, seeking shelter, a place for continuity and creation.

Similarly to Nitzan Minz’s work in the public sphere, where her words are expressed on existing buildings, here her words are embedded on existing styles of Maya Bash, adding new and relevant meaning.
The addition of words frame the familiar designs as part of the current times, a symbiosis to the present.

Originally, the texts picked for the collection were meant to be translated to both English and Russian. Though following the atrocities of October 2023, the usage of those languages seemed foreign and elianted, and our need to gather around our Israeli identity became stronger than ever.

- Half circle construction

- Features a ribbon waistband

- 2 side pockets

- Unraveled ending



Care Instruction:

Machine wash 30º