Keeping the Watch T Shirt #02

made from cotton


Nowadays we are all staring at our phone’s screen all the time.

Disappointed, but looking out for a miracle., to see the hostages coming back home.

It started as Maya's lino portrait, made by an artist @Ulianazu became a character, that is, like we all are today, - keeping the watch.

We have printed several Keeping the Watch t-shirts and decided to donate part of the income.

Each t -shirt is one of a kind item.

You may also bring your old Maya Bash piece of clothing - we’ll happily print on it for 15$ per print. That way you can rejuvenate your beloved garment and donate as well.

For those who buy something new and want to have a print - we’ll be happy to, free of charge.

- Relaxed silhouette t-shirt

- Unisex garment


100% cotton

Care Instruction:

Machine wash